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LOUISVILLE – Today, Alison for Kentucky continues to hold Mitch McConnell accountable with a new television advertisement entitled, “What Can Happen.”

The ad will begin airing today in Kentucky. To view “What Can Happen,” please click HERE.


Alison: “I’m Alison Lundergan Grimes and I approved this message.”

Narrator: “What can happen in thirty years?

A senator can become a multimillionaire in public office …

While voting 17 times against raising the minimum wage …

Three times for corporate tax breaks that send Kentucky jobs overseas …

And 12 times against extending unemployment benefits for laid off workers.

And when asked about it … just laughs.

30 years of Mitch McConnell is long enough.”


McConnell Has Earned More Than $4 Million From His Government Salary. Since 1985, McConnell has earned at least $4 million from his government salary. This is based on a total of the Senate’s annual salaries between 1985 and 2014. [Congressional Research Service, 6/17/14]

McConnell Has Become A Multimillionaire While In Public Office. According to a 2010 Washington Post report based on Senate financial disclosure reports, McConnell’s estimated wealth went up 786% from 2004 to 2010. [The Washington Post, 2010]

During His Senate Career, Mitch McConnell Has Voted Against Increasing The Minimum Wage At Least 17 Times. [Vote 117, 4/30/14; Vote 23, 1/24/07; Vote 179, 6/21/06; Vote 26, 3/7/05; Vote 257,10/19/05; Vote 76, 4/7/00; Vote 356, 11/9/99; Vote 239, 7/30/99; Vote 94, 4/28/99; Vote 77, 3/25/99; Vote 278, 9/22/98; Vote 184, 7/9/96; Vote 183, 7/9/96; Vote 519, 10/27/95; Vote 344, 7/31/95; Vote 68, 5/17/89; Vote 39, 4/12/89]

McConnell Voted Three Times For Corporate Tax Breaks That Send Kentucky Jobs Overseas. In 2014 and 2012, McConnell voted to block versions of the Bring Jobs Home Act. These votes kept in place “tax deductions for outsourcing expenses incurred in relocating a U.S. business outside the United States.” In 2010, McConnell voted to block the Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act. This vote supported maintaining a “tax deduction…or tax credit for the cost of an American jobs offshoring transaction…in which the a taxpayer reduces or eliminates the operation of a trade or business in connection with the start-up or expansion of such trade or business outside the United States.” [Vote 249, 7/30/14; Vote 181, 7/19/12; Vote 242, 9/28/10]

McConnell Voted 12 Times Against Extending Unemployment Benefits. After emergency unemployment benefits expired in 2013, McConnell voted 12 times to block efforts to renew the benefits. [Vote 101, 4/7/14; Vote 100, 4/3/14; Vote 97, 4/2/14; Vote 96, 4/2/14; Vote 90, 3/27/14; Vote 24,2/6/14; Vote 23, 2/6/14; Vote 10, 1/14/14; Vote 9, 1/14/14; Vote 8, 1/14/14; Vote 3, 1/9/14; Vote 2, 1/7/14]

McConnell Laughed About Voting Against Extending Unemployment Benefits For The Long-Term Unemployed. In a January 2014 radio appearance, McConnell had the following exchange: “LARSEN: I hope you vote no on extending unemployment benefits…MCCONNELL: ha ha ha ha…LARSEN: …At least for the long-term unemployed, I appreciate it. MCCONNELL [still slightly laughing]: Yeah. Thanks Lars.” [McConnell Interview With Lars Larsen, 1/8/14, 8:21-8:29]


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