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NEW AD “FIRE” HITS MCCONNELL ON GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: McConnell Congratulating Himself For Putting Out Fire He Started

October 28, 2013

FRANKFORT – As Senator McConnell spent the last week taking credit for the shutdown negotiations, Alison for Kentucky releases “Fire,” a new ad illustrating the dire effects of Mitch McConnell’s failed leadership.

As we saw in his disastrous handling of the government shutdown, Mitch McConnell has no problem playing political games at the expense of Kentuckians.  On his watch, thousands of Kentucky workers were furloughed, mine safety inspectors forced off the job, new small businesses prevented from opening and Louisville flood victims left with no flood relief.  The effects of McConnell’s manufactured crisis are undeniable.

Unfortunately for McConnell, he cannot light the house on fire, and then claim credit for putting it out.  To view the ad, please click HERE.





McConnell:  “I’ve Been A Proud Guardian Of Gridlock. In a February 2006 speech on the Senate floor, McConnell said, “ I’ve been in the minority in this body and I’ve been a proud guardian of gridlock from time to time when there was a point to it to, when we were actually trying to defeat a measure.” [C-Span, 2/2/06]

McConnell: “I’ve Been A Proud Guardian of Gridlock Myself.” At a February 2006 press conference, McConnell said, “Look, I’m a defender of the filibuster. I’ve been a proud guardian of gridlock myself on several occasions in the past. But usually it’s for a purpose. In other words, at the end of the day, you’re going to defeat something.” [CQ Transcripts, 2/2/06]


Since McConnell Has Become Minority Leader In 2007, He Has Led 413 Filibusters. In July 2013, WFPL wrote, “Since 2007, Senate statistics show McConnell has used the filibuster 413 times as minority leader. That is almost twice as much as when Democrats held the minority from 1995 to 2001.” [WFPL, 7/12/13]


McConnell: “The Senate Is A Place Where Things Go To Die.” In a March 2007 speech, Sen. McConnell said: “A lot of the rest of it we’re going to probably kill in the Senate.  Because you see, in the Senate it’s working out exactly the way George Washington predicted when he said to someone during the Constitutional Convention he thought the Senate was going to be like the saucer underneath the teacup.  And the tea was going to slosh out of the cup down into the saucer and cool off.  And, by golly, if Washington and the other founders looked down on us today, they wouldn’t be disappointed. The Senate is a place where things go to die.” [Republican National Lawyers Association, 3/30/07]


McConnell Repeatedly Voted Against Keeping Government Open. On September 27, 2013, McConnell voted against Reid, D-Nev., perfecting amendment no. 1974 that would replace the text of the joint resolution with language that would provide continuing appropriations for government operations through Nov. 15, 2013, reflecting an annual discretionary level of about $986.3 billion. The amendment also would remove language from the joint resolution to prohibit funds from being used to carry out provisions of the 2010 health care overhaul. The same day, McConnell voted against passage of the joint resolution that would provide continuing appropriations for government operations through Nov. 15, 2013, reflecting an annual discretionary level of about $986.3 billion. The measure also would deny funding for a section of current law that authorizes the Agriculture Department to allow farmers to continue to plant and harvest genetically modified crops. [Vote 208, 9/27/13; Vote 209, 9/27/13]

GOP Government Shutdown Cost The US Economy $24 Billion. In October 2013, Huffington Post reported: “The government shutdown has taken at least $24 billion out of the United States economy, the financial ratings agency Standard & Poor’s said Wednesday. The firm said the shutdown caused it to cut its forecast of gross domestic product growth in the fourth quarter by at least 0.6 percentage point. The agency lowered its estimate for GDP growth to close to 2 percent from 3 percent. The estimate represents a staggering cost to the economy of a completely self-inflicted political catastrophe. Unlike the 2008 economic crisis and other past recessions, the government shutdown had nothing to do with larger economic trends. The numbers show Washington’s brinksmanship caused real damage beyond furloughed government workers and the Washington, D.C., region.” [Huffington Post, 10/16/13]


Headline: Government Shutdown Affecting Some Local Flood Victims.  On October 8, 2013, WLKY Louisville reported, Dozens of people in Louisville impacted by weekend flooding are also feeling the effect of the government shutdown.”  They went on to note, “Apartments were flooded and crews have been working to gut those spaces, but the apartment manager said because of the government shutdown, it could be more two months before people have their homes back. The complex is funded in part by federal HUD dollars and that’s posing an issue because the federal government is closed. Many people who live there made their way back to their apartments Monday to check out the damage and try to salvage belongings, only to find that many of their valuables were ruined. Now they’ll have to remain out of their homes until repairs are finished. They say they’re frustrated and when they call for help, no one answers. They and their children are homeless until there is a government inspection. [WLKY, 10/8/13]

The Shutdown “Caused The Furlough Of 1,300 Kentucky National Guardsmen.”  The State Journal reported,  “The partial federal shutdown had closed national parks across the U.S., including Mammoth Cave National Park. It also caused the furlough of 1,300 Kentucky National Guardsmen and benefits staff in the Veterans Administration regional office in Louisville as well as a layoff to 40 contract workers in the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training.”  [State Journal, 10/17/13]

Shutdown Takes Half US Mine Inspectors Off The Job. On October 2nd, 2013 the Associate Press Reported, “Fewer than half of the inspectors with the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration are working during the continuing federal government shutdown, and they’re focused mainly on mines the agency already knows have a history of hazards.” [Associated Press, 10/02/13]

Distillery Owners Were Unable To Open During Government Shutdown. On October 8, 2013, WDRB Paducah reported “ the partial government shutdown is causing problems for distillery owners across Kentucky. Many of them have permits, but can’t receive permission to open for business because of the partial government shutdown.  [WDRB, 10/8/13]


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