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McConnell’s Long Record Of Saying It’s Not His Job To Rebuild The Brent Spence Bridge


FRANKFORT – Ahead of Mitch McConnell’s gimmick in Northern Kentucky today, Grimes campaign manager Jonathan Hurst released the following statement:

“Today, the people of Kentucky will be more than angry with Mitch McConnell when they are reminded that for 30 years in Washington, he’s done nothing to build the Brent Spence Bridge. Kentuckians already know that McConnell doesn’t think it is his responsibility to bring jobs to the Commonwealth, but they will be just as shocked to learn that for at least a decade, McConnell said it was not his responsibility to help fund the Brent Spence Bridge. Now down in the polls and 137 days from when Kentuckians toss him out of office, it will be impossible for him to convince Northern Kentuckians he has a real solution and that this isn’t just another one of his silly charades.”





April 2014: McConnell says Brent Spence Bridge is “going to be resolved at the state and local level. It’s not going to be resolved in Washington.” [WLWT, 4/14/14; Cincinnati Enquirer, 4/19/14]

March 2014: ‪When asked if it was his responsibility to help rebuild the bridge, McConnell said “but it isn’t.” ‬[Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/30/14]

March 2014: McConnell says funding is up to states, argues that Washington collects the gas tax and “they decide how to spend it.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/30/14]‬‬‬

September 2013: McConnell’s office says, “tolls are a local issue and not a question for Congress.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 9/23/13]

August 2013: McConnell filibusters transportation funding bill that includes Portman’s amendment for “functionally obsolete” or “structurally deficient” bridges. [TPM, 8/1/13; Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/24/13]

August 2013: According to Politico, McConnell “wasted few efforts to see the [transportation] bill die.” [Politico, 8/1/13]

July 2013: McConnell “[whipped] for No votes” on transportation bill, “weighed in heavily trying to get his Republicans to withhold their support.” [Politico, 7/31/13; Washington Post, 7/31/13]

July 2013: Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Portman’s transportation amendment made it “likely” the bridge would “snag significant federal money.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/24/13]

June 2013: McConnell votes against transportation funding bill in appropriations markup. [Senate Appropriations Committee Mark Up, 113th Cong. 1st Sess., S. 1243, (*proxy vote), 6/27/13]

August 2012: McConnell says funding for Brent Spence is a local issue, and that “the issue over how to divide the pie is not decided in Washington…I’m also not going to get into that” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/24/12]

March 2012: McConnell addresses Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce representatives, tells them, “don’t look to Washington to figure out how to” fund Brent Spence. He continues by arguing that, “these decisions will be made at the state and local level.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/28/12]

October 2011: McConnell votes against jobs bill that includes funds for Brent Spence Bridge project. [Associated Press, 10/12/11]

July 2008: McConnell claims that he is “not in favor of tolls” to fund the Brent Spence Bridge. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/20/08]

December 2007: McConnell tells states to “think outside the box” and expresses support for tolls to fund the Brent Spence Bridge. Ultimately, McConnell says, the project will “come down to the states.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 12/1/07]

February 2004: McConnell takes a “nonposition” on the question of federally funding the Brent Spence Bridge project. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 2/21/04]


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