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McConnell himself authorized Kentucky GOP to launch despicable mailers designed to intimidate Kentuckians from exercising their right to vote

LOUISVILLE – Caught up in a firestorm that has engulfed the entire Commonwealth and piqued the interest of the national media over his voter suppression tactics, Mitch McConnell appears ready to “no comment” his way to Election Day – refusing to answer why he would authorize what appears to be a completely illegal and unethical action against Kentuckians.

Here are 5 questions Mitch must answer about the sleazy, illegal voter suppression campaign he and the Kentucky GOP have unleashed on Kentucky voters:

1) Political pundits and the media have said this campaign tactic appears to be an intentional attempt to mislead voters. Do you deny that your mailer is falsely designed to look like an official government document?

2) Why does your mailer cite a postal statute that threatens fines and jail time? What other purpose could this serve, other than attempted intimidation of the recipient?

3) Given the massive confusion among voters, who are contacting county clerks with questions about their eligibility, will you publicly clarify to Kentucky voters that absolutely no one will be in legal jeopardy for exercising their right to vote?

4) Did you personally authorize this voter suppression campaign, or is this another example of a “Josh question” (or perhaps a Jesse Benton matter?)

5) Reports have surfaced that you issued a similar mailer in the Republican primary. Is this why Matt Bevin refuses to endorse – or even share a stage – with you to this very day?


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